I taped out a floor plan as best I could. I think it’s a great way to visualize the space and what it can do for you, especially in such a tight spot like this where every inch is crucial.


You’ll notice the sleeping alcove is tape-free. I got frustrated and overwhelmed during my first go of it. I found a beautiful oblong foyer table at the Meeker Avenue Flea last weekend. The idea was to sand down the current finish, paint it in high-gloss electric blue and use it as tabletop storage for my laptop, lighting and maybe a grand vase, but when I measured it out in the space I found the alcove could accommodate a little more heft. While I’ve said previously that packing things into a space can be visually confusing so can not making the most of its potential. It’s like putting beanbag chairs in a living room with 14 foot ceilings—the proportions will be off and your eye won’t know where to look. Also, I live in a studio in Manhattan. Anyone walking through my door will immediately look to the overgrown coffee table and wonder why on Earth I would forgo all that space just to display some flowers. It would be a little Frances Farmer of me, me thinks.

Towards the end I got an idea I think might work. It would involve investing in a new piece of furniture, but I think I can undercut the cost by refinishing a piece I already own to compliment it.

*unless they’re paying me then yea it totally is

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