I look at lighting less as a utilitarian tool and more as a mood setter. Yes, we need light to read and cook and see how how abysmally low our monthly bank statement is, but that doesn’t mean a 100W overhead fluorescent is the end all be all.

The problem with rentals of a certain price range is that most only have those 100Wers, no dimmers and lots of crude brass adornments. Since it’s not practical to rewire a house that’s not your own I’ve been looking at some simple solutions—quick fixes that are easy to install, look contemporary and diffuse light evenly within the apartment.


Ikea has some pretty serious pendants and I’m really drawn to this one. Since little of what I own is light or feminine, this Art Deco shade will be great at replicating the kind of structure and rigidity I plan on bringing to the rest of the space.

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