I might be jumping the gun on this, guys–there’s still snow on the ground in New York and according to an overgrown gerbil with a degree in meteorology winter will not officially be over until March 16th–but the recent departure of my next door neighbor got me thinking about my own upcoming Spring clean. You see, my neighbor and I didn’t see eye to eye. The fact that she never remembered my name or said hello in the hallway was just the tip of the iceberg. That she used to blow dry her dog in our hallway, well, that was the enormous, craggy bottom of the iceberg. Somewhere in between was a whole lot of loud music, weird smells and general unpleasantness and I was more than happy to see her finally get the boot. And her little dog, too, who by the way was not house trained and would drive Finn mental with his constant, irritating barking.

Once she vacated the first thing I did was sneak over to her place. It was a Saturday morning and I had just come back from the gym. I was feeling agile like a ninja, and I figured if I was spotted I could parkour my way down the fire escape and evade capture. I slipped through the unlocked door. I was hunting for something–anything–to validate the feelings of ill-will I had carried around with me for the two years she was my floormate. This is without a doubt immature and regressive behavior, I know, but I never claimed to be a well-adjusted individual of society so eat me.

I have a theory and my theory is this: not all filthy people are horrible but most horrible people are filthy. AND I WAS RIGHT. Inside wasn’t the kind of mess you make while upending and moving your apartment. This was lived-in filth, which is exponentially grosser than just an unswept floor or a spotted mirror. There was toothpaste residue caked around the sink. The stove had a thick layer of grease covering its range. The grout in the shower was pink. Thoroughly shell-shocked I slinked back across the hall to my apartment with a slew of emotions: vindicated, ashamed, embarrassed, sad I didn’t have the opportunity to parkour anything, but ultimately just plain horrified.

The whole ordeal reminded me that my own place would soon need a deep cleaning. It also reminded me I can only clean to some solid tunes and that I’d need a heavy duty playlist to power through all the grime and gunk. Below is my Grand Ultimate Spring Cleaning Supreme Mix. Do with it what you will:

“Lonely Boy” The Black Keys

“Dirty Work” Steely Dan

“Say Goodbye” Beck

“Somebody to Love” Queen

“Live and Let Die” Wings

“Ravenous” Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers

“The Bends” Radiohead

“Silver Springs” Fleetwood Mac

“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” The Beatles

“Ho Hey” The Lumineers

“Missed The Boat” Modest Mouse

“Everywhere” Fleetwood Mac

“Sixteen Saltines” Jack White

“There Goes The Neighborhood” Sheryl Crow

“All For Leyna” Billy Joel

“The Weight” The Band

“50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” Paul Simon

“Kodachrome” Paul Simon

“The Rising” Bruce Springsteen

“Edge of Seventeen” Stevie Nicks

“Rolling In The Deep” Adele

“***Flawless” Beyoncé

“Three Marlenas” The Wallflowers

“She’s Waiting” Eric Clapton

“Do You Want to Dance?” Bette Midler

“Jolene” Dolly Parton

“Darling Nikki” Prince & The Revolution

“Big Love” Fleetwood Mac


  1. Evan

    This describes literally all of my neighbors… the rent is just so cheap though. Love the blog btw, its given some great ideas for making my own studio space a little bit nicer. Now if you could give me some time I might actually follow through.
    PS- Same name five.

  2. Tahnee Lacey

    There is not nearly enough soul in your cleaning music list! Sure you might get distracted from cleaning and have a spontaneous dance party but it’s totally worth it! Also, I love how you decorated your apartment. I have a studio in Chicago and suddenly feel the need to declutter!

    1. Evan Post author

      Hey Tahnee! I’m taking recommendations–you got any?

      I think decluttering is good not only for your apartment but for your head noodle as well. Clean space, clean mind, young grasshopper.

      Thanks for reading! Keep me up on any changes you make to your studio!

      1. Tahnee Lacey

        Mess Around – Ray Charles
        Heat Wave – Beverly Jones (I don’t know about NYC but Chicago has had a brutal winter so it’s just inspirational)
        Sweet Soul Music – Arthur Conley
        Gimme Little Sign – Brenton Wood (There is a great version by Hepcat too)
        Cry to Me – Solomon Burke – might be better for apartment dancing than cleaning
        The Clapping Song – Shirley Ellis

        Are you on Spotify? I can make you a mean mix!

        In terms of clutter… I have downloaded the interesting app DeClutter and am in the process of digging through my DVDs. Small steps are still steps 🙂

      2. Evan Post author

        I love this ALL. And I am on Spotify, though I have to admit I have no idea how to use it or that you could do something as awesome as make me a mix and enable my OCD cleaning rituals! Oh, technology. DO TELL.

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