…he had just moved into his new crime fighting headquarters, a studio of mirth and baby giggles nestled high above the villainy of Manhattan’s converted bedrooms and railroad apartments, in a quiet neighborhood on the Upper East Side with his sidekick, Finn. You may remember it looked something like this, viewers:



or this:



How can a crime fighter and his super dog battle injustice and carbohydrates in a place like this?

Well, Gothamites, as the story goes our hero found his weakness before he found his strength and what began as a campaign to end the tyranny of futon couches and hand-me-down console tables really just became a half-assed attempt to throw some shit on the wall:

3 4

Fine but not great. But fear not! Imbued with fresh enthusiasm (and a lease renewal) our hero grew a pair and has continued on with his journey…the journey to make a house that’s not his own into a home. Ah HA! Take that, management companies! You may own the walls, but he will own…what’s…on the walls. OH FORGET IT.

Stay tuned for more developments!

5 thoughts on “WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HERO…

    1. Evan Post author

      I DO. I wouldn’t be able to make it work any other way. Under my bed lies all my seasonal clothes, a couple pairs of shoes and some incredibly bulky jackets, but I’ve been very crafty in how I hide them. Giant, flat plastic bins from The Container Store have been my savior!

      1. Evan Post author

        It’s definitely a healthy thing to purge every few months or so and assess what you have versus what you need.

        If you’re as lazy as I am, I piled up all of the stuff that couldn’t fit in my closet, took a picture of the heap and took it to the Container Store. I literally shoved my phone in front of a sales associate, grunted and they took care of the rest (plastic bins, colors, shoe boxes and trees). Just remember you may see a slip of it peeking out from underneath your bed, so buy something you don’t mind showing if you have to.

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