b1 [Converted]

Can we talk for second about how important of a role music can play in getting your shit done? The right music can easily half the time of an otherwise tedious and troublesome task. The wrong tunes and alphabetizing your spice cabinet can seem like a marathon of Shoah.

Usually I clean the house to Fleetwood. It’s melodic, sometimes wandering but always singable which is conducive to scrubbing grout. I dare you not to have a spotless tub after a few rotations of Tango In The Night. I dare you.

Right now, as I pack, it’s Born & Raised. I’m flying like a madman through all the unpleasantries of weeding out the bathroom cabinets and doing it with aplomb to Walt Grace’s Submarine Test 1967.

There’s also a little of Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek thrown in there for when I come across a stray tuft of ubiquitous body hair and need to power through.

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